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Area Rugs

Along with a good carpet, you can really enhance a room’s sense of style with a well-placed area rug. These come in all kinds of shapes and sizes: small or big, simple or complex, square or oval. We carry a wide variety of area rugs that makes it easy to find a just the right shape and size. You can also choose from diffrent textures and weave options.

But sometimes you just need something a little different than a standard area rug. Almost all our exclusive rug lines can be made into any size and we can change the colors or even the material to your specifications. Custom rugs can be made from nearly all carpeting materials we have available. For odd shaped rooms we can provide a custom sized area rug. We have made hallway runner rugs, semi-circle rugs, oval shaped and round rugs.

Contact us today at Felix & Felix Carpet to customize any area rug. We serve West Palm Beach, FL and all surrounding areas.