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Custom Carpet

Buying new carpet should never be a pain staking task. With the large selection of high quality brand name carpets that we carry here at Felix & Felix Carpet in West Palm Beach, FL, we make the process simple.

We offer a wide variety of quality name brand carpets. We’ll bring samples to you so that you can determine what carpet is right for you and so that you can have the peace of mind that it will blend in with your décor. The possibilities are endless and you can design a custom carpet that fits the style of your home.

We also specialize in boat carpeting. We carry a wide variety of marine grade carpet. All our boat carpets have rubber backing and are manufactured to withstand the harsh marine environment. Not only is our boat carpet high quality but it is very easy to install. And it's easy to customise the look with out top of the line carpeting choices.

At our premium carpet store, we are proud to bring color, texture, warmth, and comfort to people's lives. We buy direct and pass the savings to you due to our low overhead costs. Compare us with any other carpet store and you will be amazed with the savings. Please contact us at Felix & Felix Carpet in West Palm Beach, FL today, for the best selection of carpet in town.